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  • Do You Want to Know What Outrageous Love Is ?

    What Is the Mystery School of Love ?

    The Summer Festival of Love is an annual event organised by the Mystery school of Love, that takes place every summer in Holland.


    The Mystery School of Love was created 7 years ago by Marc Gafni and Chahat Corten. It is an Esoteric Mystery School on the leading edge of human evolution, dedicated to deep, enquiry and practice on Eros, Outrageous Love and Unique Self, which represent the main topics at the heart of Marc Gafni’s spiritual teachings.


    We recognize that we are living lives of extreme and rare privilege. As such we experience our obligation to explore and chart the next evolutionary steps in human expression of compassion, integrity, love and enlightenment.


    In our enquiry, we include the great wisdom of the spiritual traditions, passed down through history and held by the great religions and philosophies of the pre-modern world. With reverence, we also receive the body of wisdom and insights from the modern and postmodern worlds.


    At the same time, we realize that Spiritual wisdom continues to evolve and that it is our unique and joyful obligation to respond to this invitation of Spirit with our whole heart, body and mind in order to create and express new and higher ways of loving each other in compassion and integrity.

    Teacher in Residence : Marc Gafni

    The Teacher in Residence at the Mystery School of love is Dr Marc Gafni, an internationally recognized spiritual artist, teacher, scholar and social activist. Marc is the author of seven books including Soul Prints, The Mystery of Love and the audio series On The Erotic and the Holy, the awarded Your Unique Self and “Return to Eros “, co-written with Dr Kristina Kincaid, available in July 2017.


    Marc is the co-founder and teacher in residence of Center for Integral Wisdom (San Francisco)

    Co-creating the Festival of love

    Each summer, together with a great team of seasoned teachers, bodyworkers and Outrageous Lovers, we gather and co-create a Summer Festival of Love, in which participants are invited to 'play a larger game' and to recognize their inherent greatness and capacity for Outrageous Love.


    Through the combination of Marc Gafni’s cutting edge teachings, and a large range of embodied practices, we offer participants a practical guide to evolve their capacity to Love, and to live a fully Erotic and meaningful life.


    Come and Join Us !

    Anyone longing for true and deeper meaning and Love in their life, anyone yearning to be met in their essential core is welcome to to experience the joy of community gathered around a shared vision of evolving Love, and to join our Sangha of Outrageous Lovers.


    Wether you are on this journey for many years, or you’ve just realized that there is so much more to be discovered in this beautiful life, you are absolutely welcome to join us!

  • What Will Your Day Look Like

    at the Summer Festival of Love ?

    Begin Your Day with Body Work and an Evolutionary Satsang

    We’ll start each day with optional early morning exercises (Yoga, breathwork e.o.) before enjoying a beautiful and healthy breakfast taken in the main dining room or outside the beautiful property grounds, surrounded by forest and nature.


    After breakfast, we’ll all gather at Evolutionary Satsang (AKA DayOpening) with Chahat.


    Love-in-Action will follow, with its invitation to practice bringing Love and Light to all parts of our beautiful venue, so that we all start opening our hearts, bodies and minds in preparation of receiving the teachings of the day.

    Open Your Heart, Mind and Spirit to Dr Marc Gafni's Teachings

    Our teacher in residence, Dr. Marc Gafni will offer each day a 2,5 hour Dharma-Teaching in the stunning, wise and heart-opening ways that are unique to him, ending each session with daily practice assignments for all participants.


    Know that your whole being will be impacted in a profound way by the depth and beauty of Marc’s transmission. During this week, you will understand why people are calling Marc a spiritual artist.

    Choose Your Afternoon Workshop

    In the afternoons our wonderful team of international teachers will offer you a great choice of workshops, all focused on embodiment, integration and the deepening of the morning’s teachings and practices.


    All our teachers are passionate and seasoned practitioners themselves and they are dedicated to dive in with each and every one of you!

    Grow and Transform

    Deep experiential and transformational work takes place during these Festivals in various but certain ways, so be prepared for experiencing profound shifts in consciousness during or after this week.


    You would not want to miss this great international event for any reason!

  • Practical Details

    When ?

    The Mystery School of love will be a full 7 days experience from July 29 until August 4

    Where ?

    We will stay on the beautiful grounds of Meeuwenveen Retreat Center.

    What Will It Cost ?

    The cost:


    All prices include full board and sleeping accommodations on the basis of double rooms.


    - Super Early Bird price: 1125 Euros until February 7.

    - Early Bird price: 1250 Euros from February 7 to May 1st.

    - Regular price: after May 1st: 1380 Euros.


    We have a very limited number of single rooms at the extra cost of 100 Euros for the whole week. Let us know as soon as possible if you want to make a reservation.


    We also have a few rooms with 3 and 4 beds as well as some high quality tents with five beds per tent. We will discount 100 Euros from the full tuition for these accommodations.


    For any special enquiry about any of the above, or if you need a payment plan, contact us

  • Secure Your Place.

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    We are expecting to fill up very quickly this year. Register now to secure a spot and your choice of accommodations!

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  • What Do Participants Say about Previous Editions ?

    "An Experience Beyond Words"


    What I experienced was beyond words. Transcending with both feet on the ground, receiving the holy of holiest dharma, surrounded by the sangha of outrageous lovers doing daily embodied practice. Stepping into my unique self power, beyond "trying" or "doing". Powerfully surrendering to the flow and suddenly I was there, singing like a Goddess and serving like a muse, in deep, deep surrender, just knowing and living without effort my unique place in our unique symphony.

    "Life Changing."


    Wow! , the Summerfestivals of Love have been life changing for me!


    Being together with all those amazing people in the Mysteryschool, creating this Outrageous field of Love. Becoming an Outrageous Lover, more and more... And knowing that my purpose in life is to live my Unique Self, my Unique calling, with my Evolutionary partners in the Unique Self symphony.


    And of course those 'mysterious' words might not mean that much if you haven't been there yet. But for me it is living the mystery of life, the mystery of the Universe more deeply and more fully everyday, to re-align with Reality!

    "Every Year It Gets Deeper"


    Every year it gets deeper, more tangible, more real for me. It’s dawning on me that what we are doing here is creating a living heart space, which stretches out far beyond the week itself. A womb where seeds are planted and get nurtured, then will grow and go out into the wider world. My unique challenge is to receive the dharma more personally. To let it not only touch me but change me. I love this birth, inside and outside, up and down.


    "The Source Code Shifted"


    This Festival of Love is absolutely great! 250 people with their heart open and super great dharma from Marc Gafni that is actually lived by this great group of people. The Evolutionary Impulse of Outrageous Love Manifest. The source code shifted. Wow!

    "A Vibrating Field of Love"


    The festival of love is immersion in a gorgeous deep community – a vibrating field of love – and then into this field that we help create – Marc Gafni brings exquisite heartfelt, playful, world transforming teaching – and we get to sing & dance & take walks in the Dutch countryside. I am so grateful for the place & these people. I have found a new home. I will return

    "The Place to Be"


    If you look for new depth and perspectives on the purpose of your life and your relationship(s), the Summer Festival of Love is the place to be. Deep teachings, great workshops, a wonderful group of loving people give you everything you need in the next step of your life’s journey!

    "Outrageously Inspiring"


    ‘For me this summer festival was outrageously inspiring. The teachings, the workshops & exercises, everything builds up to have a deep understanding and experience of lines and circles and how it feels like and how the line & circle help to support your Unique Self to be part of a Unique Self Symphony. I felt so held and so much love and I feel really inspired to “send” this into the world and in to the whole universe

    "It Was Fabulous"


    It was again a warm ocean of love. A container were I could also lay back if necessary. And present to learn some cool things. The hidden secrets of life. Of masculine and feminine. Which are all inside us. And which create shadow in my life. It was fabulous.

    "Huge Love Everywhere in my Heart"


    A Summer Festival of Love: what’s in a name! Huge, huge love everywhere in my heart, so much connections with men and women who open their hearts.
    A summer storm brought discomfort and we could rest in it.
    To be part of a festival where everybody is included feels so warm, consoling.

    "Making Beautiful Encounters"


    I finally found in Marc Gafni a teacher who opens my heart and mind. The teacher who meets my soul. The team offers the warmth, the love and wetness to enable the teaching to penetrate me, my whole being and heart to fully express my uniqueness and joy.

    "The Only Answer is Outrageous Love"


    Living in a world of outrageous pain the only answer is outrageous love. By doing now acts of outrageous love I make my an other people life so much brighter. It's an honour to be a human being who can love outrageously.

    "The Best Week in My Life"


    Every year I say: ‘the Summer Festival of Love was the best week of my life’. And every year it gets even better!

    "It Changed My Life."


    What happened inside of me and in my life as a result of my participation to the Mystery school of love is just unbelievable. It changed my life. More depth, more light. Deeper connection with others. More presence. Finding back the feeling of joy and aliveness of my childhood. Stepping back in my own power.

    "Fully Drunk from the Source of Love."


    This week I fully drunk from the Source of Love. And I got very happy from it.

    Second I got an invitation to use the things I learned in my ordinary life! Yes, and I will keep on practicing.

    Third I got a glimpse of the real mystics for the first time in my life'

    "I Am Forever Changed."


    This week festival has exceeded all expectations. This work is amazing and I am for ever changed. I love my Unique Outrageous Love Self. I will certainly be back again.'