The Summer Festival Of Love

A Life Changing Experience

The 7th edition of the Summer Festival of Love is a seven-days experiential event that immerses you in Dr Marc Gafni’s revolutionary teachings on Outrageous Love, Eros and Unique Self. Come and discover how you can contribute to the creation of a new Reality through living your Unique Self.

Learn about the dharma, that is based on the most profound traditions and yet includes the most cutting-edge scientific discoveries and developmental theories. Find out what your personal story is, that deserves to be lived and told. Unveil the Eros in yourself, the experience of being radically alive, the greater wholeness of your own source code of love. Master to apply this in your personal and business life and help create a world in which Outrageous Love is the standard.


Hosted by the Mystery School of Love

The Summer Festival of Love is an annual event organized since 2012 by the Mystery School of Love, an Esoteric Mystery School on the leading edge of human evolution. Directed by Dr Marc Gafni, Chahat Corten and Claire Molinard, the School is dedicated to bringing to Europe the dharma of Eros, Outrageous Love and Unique Self, which represent the main topics at the heart of Marc’s teachings.

Each summer, we come together as a vibrant community and evolutionary educational platform to which you and the other participants are invited to play a larger game, and to recognize your inherent greatness and capacity to open to Love. Together with a great team of dedicated teachers and bodyworkers, we gather and co-create a Summer Festival of Love.

Through the combination of Marc Gafni’s cutting edge teachings, and a large range of embodied practices, you get a practical guide to evolving your capacity to love and to be lived as Love.

Is the Festival for you?

At the Summer Festival of Love, we stand for a world in which we’re aroused by Love. A world in which you are affirmed and honoured, by the radiance of your heart and soul. We need you, and we need each other to transform this world into an extraordinary world.

Today, unlike any other time in history, humanity is facing the risk of its own extinction, along with the planet’s destruction. Our biggest challenge, as a species, in addressing this existential risk is to articulate a new narrative about Reality that can catalyse a new way forward, through birthing a new consciousness. We are calling this new consciousness of being lived as Love, Homo Amore, Unique Self or the Outrageous Lover.

Change is created through behaviour and thus behaviour is what the Festival is triggering within you. It will shake you up fiercely, to integrate its message deeper. It calls for evolution, in a disruptive yet loving way. It is disturbing, inviting you to leave your comfort zone. It will stretch all edges and calls for evolution. Yet at the same time, you will feel held, recognized and acknowledged for showing up. It is an experience that creates new worlds of connection, within yourself and between you and the people around you. Are you ready?

The Summer Festival of Love is a boutique spiritual festival, giving you the opportunity for a deep personal transformation and a life changing experience, through:

  • Dr Marc Gafni’s daily transformative teachings, offering you new insights from spiritual, cultural and academic sources, greater awareness and a powerful sense of purpose
  • early morning practice, with Qi-Gong, silent meditation, yoga
  • daily Evolutionary Satsang, an intimate meeting that builds our field of Outrageous Love
  • top-notch workshops by leading specialists, enabling you to integrate and embody the teachings
  • personal interaction in creating evolutionary families, with fellow festival participants, helping you to shape your life as an Outrageous Lover
  • a superb venue: a castle in the midst of nature, and delicious, 95% organic meals from our outrageous Chefs, making your home for this week. Veggie? Vegan? Lactose-free? Let us know your food requirements and we will fulfil them.

Become a higher version of yourself. Get more profound self-knowledge, a deeper understanding of our world’s needs and how you can contribute to fulfilling those needs by living as an Outrageous Lover, from your Unique Self.

Read about our programme in details here.

See and listen to the testimonials of the participants on many pages of this website.


Marc Gafni on existential risk

Marc Gafni, who am I?

A brief word on the word ‘fuck’

In some of the clips included in this website, and also during the Festival, you’ll hear the word ‘Fuck’. Don’t be offended, and let us explain why we use this word, to articulate a very specific energy.

 ‘Fuck’ is an expression of the divine energy of Being and Becoming. The word is used to evoke the two primary divine energies that animate manifest Reality. One is the energy of being. The second is the energy of becoming. Being is splendid stillness of eternity. Becoming is the dynamic raw and fierce thrust of evolution. Being is spacious unchanging ecstatic eternity. Becoming is the ever evolving, changing and transforming energy of ecstatic urgency. 

The word ‘Fuck’ conveys a sense of urge and aliveness which ‘make love’ doesn’t carry. God is Fuck points to that energy. So, while Fuck points to both, being and becoming, it tends to hold more the becoming aspect, than say… the word ‘Love’. We might say that Fuck is written into the source code or the generating algorithm of being and becoming. In other words, “God is Fuck”.

In any case, words can only convey so much and we’re trying to point to something that isn’t translatable but can only be experienced. 

Personal experiences

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