Outrageous Love

You are an Outrageous Lover!

Outrageous Love, that is the universal space and energy that we all live from. At the 7th Summer Festival of Love 2019 we learned all about it when we Immersed our minds, hearts and souls in the dharma of Eros, Outrageous Love and Unique Self. Are you joining the Outrageous Love Revolution next year to experience a radical shift, change your life, change our world?!


What is Outrageous Love?

For starters: Outrageous Love is not about ‘love a lot’. Ordinary love is the beautiful love between two human beings for comfort, status, ego. Outrageous Love is at the heart of our existence. It is a realization, a transformative state of being, an experience that you cannot undo. It is, like Dante Alighieri stated it so well, “Love is the force that moves the sun and the stars.” It is not an emotion, it is the structure of cosmos. It is a love that does not have a beginning nor an end, an experience of deep unity with everyone and everything, there’s no separation. It has a strong desire and sense of urgency to reach, give, heal, become, do something, become an activist and step up to heal. Healing might start in your own heart, within your family or with loved ones, and all the way to healing the outrageous pain of the world. Love is the connection between everything, it is the universe’s primal currency, its essence

If Outrageous Love awakens within you, everything changes. It is bringing a taste of a quality that is an entirely different quality. A quality that changes your entire view of reality. Are you ready to become the Outrageous Lover that you are? To keep every boundary that should be kept and to break every boundary that should be broken? To commit Outrageous Acts of Love that are a function of your Unique Self? Do you want to know the answer to the question Who are you? The Summer Festival of Love will provide you with just that.

Free ebook: Discovering Vocational Arousal

Do you want to discover the transformative power of your creative genius? Know more about the process and pleasure that you get to share and enjoy if you synergize in co-creation? Then we invite you to read the short ebook Vocational Arousal that our beloved Dr Marc Gafni and the late Barbara Marx Hubbard wrote. Check it out now and find out what it means to tap into your Unique Self, your heart's greatest desire, and live with the creative force that is driving the whole of our universe.

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